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Welcome to the Open Magick Wiki


Please excuse the mess, had to do a copy & paste from the old ste, most pages need upating to this wikis markup.


The home of all True Seekers of the Sacred.

  The Open-Magick Wiki is intended to be an archive for articles and discussions of the sacred in its many forms. 


      While only authenticated users are allowed to create and edit articles, registration is free and you are encouraged to join, you will need a valid email address in order to do so. 
      Please do not edit another users article, instead use the Discussions tab to suggest changes, for more then a short suggestion the preferred method is to create a new page and provide the article link. 
      Please 'sign' your articles and comments, the best way to do so is using four tilda's which the wiki will convert to your username with the date and time stamp. 


      For assistance with using the wiki markup please see the Help link in the navigation sidebar. 
      The first article you should edit is the 'home' page of your account, then add an article link for any new document, save the changes and then click on the new article link to start editing that page. 
      You can also search for a page title, if its not found you will be given the option to create the article, however once saved the only easy way to locate the document is to search for the exact same title, therefore I recommend the above method so you have an index of your articles on your home page. 


      Please be aware of the copy-write terms of this site, unless explicitly stated otherwise all articles are released under the terms of the 'GNU Free Documentation License' 
      Additionally please be sure to provide citation to source's for reference (if you are aware of such) 


      You may link to any external site so long as the target is an actual document that you are referencing, or commenting on. 
      Do not link to any advertisements directly, or targets that require using a 'click-through' advertisement to access the document. 
      You may link to any article on the Open-Magick Wiki from another site, so long as attribution is given to the author, and all copy write terms are meet. 


      While I very strongly believe in Freedom of Speech, Press, and Individual Perspective, I will not tolerate Hate directed at any author on this site, and most especially the destruction of another persons contributions. 
      However you may debate the merits of another authors perspective or even make statements against another perspective, so long as you do so in your own article. 

May the Light of the Sacred Flame Shine within your Heart Forever.

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